“Third Age ” is another in an ever-lengthening string of euphemisms that attempt to soften the abrasive realities of becoming an old person, especially in America. “Pensioner,” “old-timer,” “senior citizen” and “golden-ager” are some of its well intended predecessors, much kinder alternatives to “old fogey,” “codger,” “fossil” and, exclusively for women, “blue-hair.”

Whichever term you prefer, (or perhaps, like me, you prefer none at all), the advent of one’s seventh decade of life can be compelling in ways both wonderful and terrible. The years that follow may also be seen as one’s last chance to get it right. Like many, I’m haunted by too many mistakes in my past and, for that very reason, uncertain of too many things my future. Although I’m in good health, Mortality’s bony finger taps my shoulder on a daily basis.

With that in mind, my intent is not to offer sage advice, recommendations or even gentle suggestions. It is simply to share my fears and foibles, my mistakes and misgivings as I find my way through my own third age. I might even have some fun and, with any luck, finally get some things right. 

Older readers may see me in their rear-view mirrors and smile knowingly. Younger readers may gain clarity and avoid my mistakes as they map out roads ahead. Peers may just want to come along for the ride, as long as they’re comfortable with Mortality in the back seat.

Whatever your age or outlook, I welcome you to join me.


One thought on “About

  1. Gunters says:

    There is a sadness to your writing now I never noticed before. You have always had a sense of fun within your words, even if well hidden. I miss that as I read through your writings…

    I, too, prefer not to be tagged with a label. I even abhor the “Ma’am” I am called when I go shopping or to a doctor’s office. I find that word just grates upon my nerves. Is it because it is a reminder of my age? Probably…although I don’t feel old. At least in my mind…my mind tells me I can still go mountain biking or a really vigorous hike. The arthritis in my neck and spine, however, scream at me that I need to come to reality and settle for a stroll in the local park.

    I still love an adventure, too. Having finished the Great Loop, we have now bought a lot down on the Tennessee/Kentucky Rivers. There is an island right across from our lot which has an amazing sandy beach so when it gets really hot, off we go to the beach. We have spent this year readying the lot by having it built up, adding a pavilion, installing utilities for two campers/RVs, and landscaping and decorating with lights, etc.

    Next season will find us, hopefully, finishing the landscaping and begin working on the other side of the property. Once this is finished…what then? These camps are great for socializing and just getting to know people in general.

    At this time, just trying to enjoy my retirement and learn to live with the tragedies of my life is an everyday thing for me. I will always grieve the loss of my son…this year marks 20 years and yet, it feels as though he just left…

    My goal? now? to find the light left in this world…

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